Hong Kong Ma Bai-liang pharmaceutical companies founded in the Qing dynasty two years (AD 1822) has been 200 years of history. Zu shop in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Developed a variety of ancient Fangfang. Including cream, Dan, pills, powder, tea, oil, alcohol and other medicines. A variety of drugs are considered effective and reliable, as most people like to use and well-known at home and abroad.

At that time the best-selling drugs such as: Angongniuhuangwan, pure heart bezoar pills, ginseng Zaizao pills, Herd Suhe pills, Wuji Baifeng pills, menstrual pain pills, and the beginning of pediatric medicine Zhu Li seven per cent scattered, Wan Yingbao Infant Dan, eight Po Jing Feng San, after 200 years, is still the most trusted, the most loved drugs, because Ma Bailiang pharmaceutical companies over the years, are the welfare of patients First, the drug to maintain the highest level, to maintain significant efficacy, the purpose of the drug to the disease.

Into the twenty-first century, Ma Bailiang pharmaceutical companies have become a modern pharmaceutical companies. Products meet the GMP requirements, and continue to introduce new products to the needs of users. Such as: autumn pear loquat honey, autumn pear loquat throat sugar, Seal pills, seal capsules, women Po beauty capsules, BAI Feng capsule, etc., the effect is significant for all people like to use and trust.